What people should know before doing loft conversions.

Published: 06th March 2012
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Advantages of doing loft conversions Barnet

With the realization of relaxed planning laws, loft conversions have been on

the rise. Conversions can, nowadays be carried out without the need for

planning. Loft conversions can, help people create lots of pace in their

houses. This can, help a great deal especially when in need of bigger living

space. This procedure can, also, be way cheaper than relocating to bigger

house. Doing a proper loft can, also, increase the overall value of the

house. Good lofts can, also, require a short duration of time. They can,

also, be done while experiencing minimal interference because, major work is

done on the roofs.

Types of loft conversions Barnet

Many kind of loft conversions can, be carried out. The type of conversion

suited for, different people can, be guided by their area of residence and,

the model of houses they reside in. the major types of conversions that can,

be done include the front, rear or, side dormer, roof light or, velux

conversions, mansard conversions and, gable or, wrap around conversions.

People can, decide to carry out a velux conversion. It can, also, be

referred to as a skylight or, moonlight conversion. Many people prefer this

type of conversion because does not affect external structures. People doing

loft conversions Barnet should, check to determine whether they need

permission to do those changes. They should, also, have enough headroom in

their loft spaces. People who need a lot of space should, consider building

dormers. Doing this kind of a conversion introduce horizontal ceilings to

rooms. This can, be a better option for, people who have narrow roofs, but,

need additional space in their rooms. People can, also, consider doing

mansard roof conversions. In this type, the lofts can, be extended

throughout the entire length of the house. The loft angles remain intact

through this type of conversion introducing grand feelings to houses. People

should, be ready to spend a lot of money and, seek planning permissions

because this loft conversion can, be labour intensive. The last type of loft

conversion involves conversion of hip roofs to gable roofs. Though this type

of loft conversion changes the structure of houses completely, it does not

generate as much space as compared to dormers.

What to consider when doing a loft conversion Barnet

Marity are always looking out for ways in which they can change their homes.

However, various factors must be considered before any changes can be

effected. People who plan to make changes to their houses should, consider a

number of issues before giving the go ahead. This comes about because some

loft conversions can, involve major changes that may be irreversible or, may

cost a lot more to revert. For example, people doing loft conversions Barnet

should, chose the type that appeals to them. They should, however, take into

consideration the need for, planning permission and whether they have

sufficient finances to see them through the entire project. In addition,

people should, check their builders credentials before they make the big

step. Contracts should, be drawn, but, people should, not get into the

behaviour of paying money upfront. Contracted builders should, also, produce

detailed work plans of how they will handle the project. At times, pricing

should, not be the only point of reference when selecting a builder. They

should, also, check whether any hidden costs will be charged upon completion

of the project. Many people doing loft conversions can, carry out other

process that may further better their homes. People can, easily install

solar panels when doing a conversion. This might help them to cut on costs

such as electricity bills.

County Lofts are a well established company who carry out loft conversions Barnet has seen a wide variety of these conversions and at such high quality there is no reason why it shouldn’t see even more.

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